Monday, February 22, 2010

My wonderful World of Fashion!

  • At Louisiana(art museum) they had a little café, where I ordert a carrot cake and a coke.. It tasted very delicious! I can definitely recommend, for all of you to visit Louisiana AND their Café! Lovely.
  • I bought this baby at Louisiana(they had a shop, with all kinds of gorgeous stuff- I really wanted to buy it all!)
  • After I took a photo of the painting above, I noticed a sign on the wall. It said, that it wasn't allowed to photograph in that area(where this photo and a few others where placed).. But I just couldn't get myself to delete it.. I just liked it too much (:
  • The paintings above are my absolute favorites!
  • M O N D A Y! again again.. I've been at school today, and at work! I'm so bombed (more than usual): )