Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rude boy..

M i s s i o n S u c c e e d e d !

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bang...You're dead..

  • Vogue Italia, Mary Kate.. I wish it was me who sat there!
  • Anna Selezneva is my absolute favourite model at the moment! Her face is so beautiful! I think she's way too skinny though..
  • I was in Aarhus today, and I bought a few musthaves!:
  • Black leather look-a-like skirt - Monki
  • Black boot-wedges - Dope
  • Btw, I made a bang yesterday, and then made my hair straight (:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Le Smoking..

  • I found this photo on Momo's blog. There's no word to describe it.. wow
  • Smoking beauties - Le smoking
  • Friday! Weekend! Yay!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mh.. Candy!

  • That's how I want my room to look like! I love it!(especially with the!) Gorgeous gorgeous.. (Place: very expensive shop in CPH, but lovely things, both vintage and new stuff)
  • The buys from 'Tuesday shopping' in CPH(last week):
  • Grey washed-out tee - Mango
  • Highwaisted darkgrey shorts - København K(secondhand)
  • Off-white top - Urban Outfitters
  • Pink and black Checkered bustier - Topshop
  • Flower-print corsage/bustier top - Topshop
  • Turkis and silver gadget bowl - Kif Kif (Moroccan shop)
  • Left photo:
  • Highwaisted jeans-shorts - Vintage
  • Red lacquer belt - Vintage
  • White transparent/see-through blouse - Jane Norman
  • Right photo:
  • Corsage-top - Topshop
  • Jeans - Gina Tricot
  • Brown-biker-leather jacket - Vintage(I haven't worn it out yet.. But I will, soon!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pink is Every girl's Best friend!

  • I love this..
  • Left: Unknown beauty, Right: Taylor Momsen.. I would love to own everything postet on this post! Seriously, I love P I N K !
  • Marilyn Monroe, "Diamonds and pink is every girl's best friend"? Hm.. Yes, I believe so (;
  • Wednesday is one of my favourite days during the week! And there's many reasons actually. 1st: It's bellydance-day 2nd: It's 'Kirstine day'= laughing-and-talking-about-crazy(and serious)-stuff day! Ihii I'm happy dappy nappy happy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Christiania - Copenhagen

  • My favourite photo! A yellow gun, how weird.. But I just love it(the cigarette does-almost- it all) (;
  • I want this trash bin!
  • I LOVE GRAFFITI ! - I would love to have one of my walls, in my room covered with graffiti in banging colours.. That would be amazing!

I Love gettin' Inspiration!

  • I am crazy about Alexa Chung. But hey! who the hell isn't! Her style is amazing!(Does anybody of you know, who the blond girl is?- I love the bustier she's wearing, on the left photo)
  • Unknown lady in the red. I believe it's Alice Dellal on the right. I love Alice's outfit btw, so simple but still so classy..Gorgeous
  • Miss Daisy Lowe(love her) and Alice Dellal(love her too..(; ), both are sexy and raw, wearing gorgeous outfits.. lovely!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My wonderful World of Fashion!

  • At Louisiana(art museum) they had a little café, where I ordert a carrot cake and a coke.. It tasted very delicious! I can definitely recommend, for all of you to visit Louisiana AND their Café! Lovely.
  • I bought this baby at Louisiana(they had a shop, with all kinds of gorgeous stuff- I really wanted to buy it all!)
  • After I took a photo of the painting above, I noticed a sign on the wall. It said, that it wasn't allowed to photograph in that area(where this photo and a few others where placed).. But I just couldn't get myself to delete it.. I just liked it too much (:
  • The paintings above are my absolute favorites!
  • M O N D A Y! again again.. I've been at school today, and at work! I'm so bombed (more than usual): )

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cola Bottle Baby!

  • Anja Rubik, herself! - Lovely name by the way (;
  • I'm so sorry for not posting the last few days, but I've spend the whole week on Sealand(Copenhagen) - with no internet what so ever... But I've had the best week anyway! I've lived at a vacationhouse with my family, relaxed and shopped in CPH, where I saw two danish celebs - Nikolaj Lie Kaas(danish actor -Hottie) and Anders Lund Madsen( danish comedian/tv host -Nottie). I've also seen Louisiana which is a very interesting art museum and a whole lot of other things! I hope you all had an awesome week! //Anja

Saturday, February 13, 2010


  • I love the bustier! (Model: Tallulah Morton - so beautiful!)
  • Both of those shorts are amazing!(so are the shirts.. (; ) The model is the beautiful Erin Wasson
  • Spiderman is the best!
  • LoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveIt LoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveIt LoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveItLoveIt!