Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jack D. is my new Lover..

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 "Sun is shining the weather is sweet, yeah,  make you wanna move your dancing feet, yeah" - Bob Marley
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u & me
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 This dress is adorable.. I want one similar!
 Lovely Edie Sedgwick.. Love her fingerrings and earings!
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"Marilyn Monroe look-a-like" aka. Kate Moss

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pink nailzzzz

 Yesterday my parents had their 20 years anniversary and my dad gave my mom 20 red roses.. So romantic! (-;
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 I wanna wear that right now!
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 Hahaha! I loove this! 
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I love this lady's style! She looks soo nice and kind (-:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red Hot chili Lips..Hmm

 Hello you two.. I really feel like eating you right now.. Yummy!
 Looove the nails!
 My mouth is watering! G i v e M e O r e o s!
 This is so sexy.. Cute and innocent, but still dirty..
 NEED THE BLAZER! Love the color..
 Me, this Saturday..Sorry for the white box(but my mom was sitting right there and blocking everything haha) and the bad quality (-: 
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I went to Aarhus today with my cousin and I found these GOOORGEOUS babies.. they were on sale and I didn't have the money :-(((( But I hope they'll still be there when I get my salary..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Hope God is Hearing my prayers..

 I was wondering if this Silver Dust could make my 3 wishes come true? Let's try!
 My first wish is to marry Cristiano Ronaldo..
 My second wish is to live the life Marilyn did, only without the sad ending of her life(R.I.P) And to look a little more like her!
 My third wish is to find true love..Maybe it's already on it's way? Who knowes..
I wonder what he's thinking about.. His future? his past? Is he happy, or sad? Hmm.. It's hard to tell.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gimme this, Baby...

I really wanna wear this right now.. Love it!

Rag and Bone

All outfits are designed by Rag and Bone
  1. First of all, this is without a doubt the outfit I like the most of these 5. I would wear it on a "Girls night out" or to a concert.. I love that the model has curvs, or at least it looks like it. 
  2. I love black dresses, and I love to wear them with all kinds of accessories. The shape of this dress is amazing.
  3. I loove the green pants and the way all the items looks great together. I would wear it for a speciel occasion like a birthday party etc.
  4. The perfect outfit for a summerday in the city.. The yellow jacket is amazing!
  5. I would wear this outfit every day(if I could).. It looks sooo comfy!(and gorgeous)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Merhaba Canim..

 I want the snake ring.. Oh wow, i really like it!
 The picture is very bad quality.. but I just couldn't resist to post it! It's just genius! I love Jasmine(and Aladdin)!

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This camel is sooo nice!
  • This weekend is gonna be grrreat! Today i'm invited to my friend, Maria's birthday.. It's gonna be nice (-: Tomorrow i'm going to a huge sweet sixteen! Can't wait (-:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girls do not dress for boys..

So true!

 Stockings-Divided, Shoes-Vintage
Coal for one of my friends waterpibe.. I love the packing! "Habibi" Means "Honey,darling etc" in Arabic

 You can buy these cool bottles in "Netto"(random store in DK)..
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This woman is badass!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dream A Little Dream Of Me..

 I went to see Sex and the city 2 yesterday. The film was soo good! Now I just wanna go on a holiday in Abu Dhabi!

My two beloved Playboy posters! (L)

- I bought this a few days ago in Monki -
 I love the panties on this girl..Gorgeous!

Loove the coat! Go visit Karla's blog! It's amazing (-:
Seni seviyorum

 Dragon fruit!
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 I want a tattoo similar to this, but only on my back.. and no roots or text in the tree (-;

Todays Song..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I don't Care about you Anymore..

I love this type of clothing on men.. soo nice!
 I looove Alice Dellal! She's F-ing amazing!
 This woman got some nerve.. I like that!

Yeah well.. I just love you..
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This is just what I feel like wearing right now..