Monday, August 31, 2009

My Own Gorgeous Stuff! *Love*

  • Three 'One-of-a-kind' Bags; Black lacquer,Golden and Black leather.*Love*
  • My new black fringe waistcoat (Only) *Love*

I Have To Make My Homework..But

  • 'See By Chloe' boots..For winter I wan't some boots similar to these only cheaper.. (:
  • Grey Handbag with 'Silver Bling' (Roberto Cavalli)..Gimme Gimme Gimme!
  • Black and gold shoulder-bag (Phillip Lim)
  • Black handbag with zippers (Whistles)
  • Black Peter Pilotto boots.
  • Louis Vuitton boots
  • Stella McCartney boots.

Awesome Weekend!

  • A fantastic danish band (Oh Stacy) which played in Aarhus'Party Week'.. I can't believe that I haven't heard them play before they were soo good! Me and my cousin talked with the leadsinger..He was so sweet and he sang amazing!
  • Me at the left and my cousin at the right (:
  • I'm wearing: A black blazer(ART), white top(Zara),Black shorts with white dots (Divided),Silver 'Chanel' bag, A pair of leggins and some black stilettos. And a beer in my hand ;D Jummy!
This weekend has been even better than I expected it to be! Sophie was really happy with her presents, I gave her a pair of silver earings shaped like a star with some kind of 'Bling' on them from Pilgrim and some bracelets that I made on my own. She loved it all so that was just great! (: And the bellydance! It was so much fun and i'm totally starting on the team with my lovely cousin.. After the bellydance try-out lesson I went home and took a bath and got some cloth on.. afterwards I met up with my cousin in Aarhus 'Party-week' and we just had some fun!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy !

It's thursday today, that means..It's friday tomorrow !! ihh this weekend is going to be AMAZING ! Friday, i'm going to Sophies birthday!<3 Saturday, bellydance 'try-out class'. Sunday, going to my cousin; Kirstine's birthday! <3 But.. I actually also have lots of homework to do.. Hm maybe I should get started with some of it ! -I think I will.. Hey!, I forgot to tell that i went shopping with my mom today (that explains all the "good stuff" underneath this post (; ) And.. I've had 'this song' on my mind all day!
  • Goodie bye!

Overexcited !! *Love*

  • White 'Waterfall'-neck blouse ( original from the 80's (; )
  • Black highwaisted shorts with white dots( Divided)
  • Bracelet (Pilgrim)
  • Black cardigan with golden buttons( Another creation from the 80's)
  • White top (Calvin Klein)
  • Black jeans (Nudie)
  • Black and grey dress( H&M)
  • Grey blouse (80's creation)
  • Dark green 'crocodile' belt
  • Blue jeans-leggins
  • Bracelet(Pilgrim)
  • The three 'golden'(reggae) colours (;

Monday, August 24, 2009


  • My favourite picture from the weekend in the hut with the classmates(; - Here we have me to the right and some of my best girlfriends(Sophie and Pernille)

Fleetwood Mac!

  • Stevie Nicks.
  • I love their music! Nothing but sugar' sweet sounds (;

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Almost Did'nt Sleep Last Night..

  • Restless..
  • Wow.. I think i'm in love! (Temperley)
  • If I had this dress I would wear it as much as I possible could! (Christopher Kane)
  • This dress you either love or hate.. I love it! (Christopher Kane)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Give Me World Peace!

Peace~Love~Harmony; Is basically what my life is about, or maybe more what I wan't it to be about..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clothes Make Me Happy!

  • Purple and yellow bracelet..I Love those colours together!(Divided)
  • Black and white striped blouse with 'Peace' signs (Gina Tricot)
  • Black shorts (Divided)
  • Black blouse (Gina Tricot)
  • White and black striped short blouse(Gina Tricot)
  • Cute stiletto heel(
  • One day left of this 'homework possessed' week and a lovely weekend ahead! I'm looking so much forward to a fantastic weekend with 14 of my awesome classmates in a hut near the beach, it's just almost doesn't get any better than that! And there's another thing I just found out of a couple of days ago.. There's gonna open a 'Gina Tricot' shop in Aarhus! Ihhh I'm so excited !!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


  • Colin Farrell..What can I say..Handsome handsome HANDSOME !!
  • Le moi.. Darkblue-Highwaisted skirt ('2Big Aarhus'), white tanktop(Zara) Love that outfit!(:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'Black' Beauties..

  • The first three photos are of the very sexy ; Dita Von Teese I really admire her a lot, she's perfect!
  • And another beauty; Megan Foxx

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm So Lucky To Have This..

  • Beige 'Repeat Around The World' blazer.. It loves me! But not as much as I love it!
  • Two 'Anja creations' I like! *Love*

Were's The Purple..

  • Pink,beige and yellow 'Umbrella' nail polish..
  • Indiska bracelet
  • Indiska dress
  • Indiska skirt