Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Love The 'Cirkel Kaffe' - lady !

  • This artshop, I haven't seen in Aarhus before.. So sad it was closed. But the next time I'm going to Aarhus, I'll definitely take a closer look, at that lovely little art shop!
  • Yesterday Kirstine and I, went eating on a resturant called Deli De Luxe, after we where done at our bellydance class. I had a delicious seafood pasta, with shrimps and a strong indian chillisauce.. It tasted so good! I can highly recommend that resturant (:
  • That gorgeous blue dress, I MOST own!.. Sadly the shops wasn't open last night, when me and Kirstine walked past the shops..
  • A poster which was placed, on a wall of Aarhus Theatre..(my hand.. (; )
  • Lars and the hands of light
  • like me..
  • Sorry for the bad quality.. I used my crappy phone (One of my biggest wishes for my birthday, is a new camera.. so i'm hoping to get one!)


  1. Ej elsker også bare cirkel kaffe damen :D
    - K <3

  2. Ja ikke!
    Hun er så nice!