Friday, February 12, 2010

Cut it Off!

  • I am absolutely and totally inlove with the photo above! The outfit is amazing, the background is amazing, the colours are amazing.. I just wish that I had it all!
  • It's Friday and winter vacation, and I can't find a word for how good i'm feeling right now! Yesterday there where a party at my school. I invited a few of my friends over, for a 'preparty' and we had the greatest time. The party at the school was pretty nice as well (: Later today, i'm going to one of my best (girl)friends 'Sweet Sixteen'/relaxing-and-having-a-good-time night, with a couple of other girls. So right now i'm really, looking forward to another good night! (: //Anja
  • The one and only: Alice Dellal!(the three photos above) I love her style and her hair, and i'm considering cutting my hair really short in the one side of the head.. I think it looks so raw and cool! What do you guys think? (:

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