Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh Lord, won't you buy Me a Mercedes benz!

  • Kirstines room; I really really like the lamp, it's so adorable! I would love to have one similar!
  • Me in Kirstines dress.. Isn't it gorgeous?.. the shoulders are amazing(but I ended up wearing something else to the party..)
  • Me and my beloved cousin(Kirstine) I love you!
  • I'm wearing:
  • black jeans(Gina Tricot)
  • White top(Vintage - Kirstine is the owner of that item)
  • Golden necklace(Kirstine is the owner)
  • Kirstine is wearing(First photo):
  • Black dress(Modström - Anja/me is the owner) (;
  • (Second pic):
  • Mhh.. I'm not quite sure actually.. But she looks pretty!
  • I L O V E the little car.. aww!
  • I've had the best weekend in ages! Me and my cousin (Kirstine) have been spending the whole weekend together(or almost).. Yesterday we went to a party with about 20 people, at one of Kirstines friends house! It was so awesome! I met the sweetest people. I can't wait until summer, when me, my cousin and two other girls are going to 'Skanderborg Festival' Ihh! I hope you all had a good weekend! // Anja
  • The song of the weekend! CLICK


  1. hi Anja, i really like the styles captured in those pictures. nice dress, nice corset top, and cropped top, too. you have such unique styles that are definitely your own! keep up the good work :)

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your judgement (;

    Actually, I borrowed those three items from my lovely cousin(the other girl in the photo) (: