Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Electric blue Snow could be kinda Nice!

  • I can't describe in words how beautiful I think this woman is! She's so inspiring to look at.. And I love her outfit, eventhough it's so simple.. And those perfect curves.. Wow!
  • I'm wearing:
  • Transparent black shirtblouse(Silly & Co. - Vintage)
  • Black blazer(Phobia)
  • Silver necklace with dragonfly pendant(Bulgaria)
  • See-through plastic belt(Vintage)
  • Black shoes(Dope)
  • Todays outfit! :
  • Electric blue angora sweater(Monki)
  • Highwaisted lightblue-cowboy-shorts(Vintage)
  • Pink and blue scarf(Secondhand)
  • I thought I would freeze like hell walking to school today, with my (almost) bare legs.. but actually it wasn't that bad(eventhough I only had my allstars and stockings on..hmm).. maybe it was because I had my long black jacket on also.. Mh yeah.. That most be why.. ha ha! (;

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