Tuesday, August 11, 2009

God Damn.. If I Only Had The Money,,

  1. Medina (Danish singer) I just love this outfit!-And I do actually have some black'Nudie'jeans i could tear a little up..Hmm
  2. (Rihanna) I think these leggins is the most amazing ones I've ever seen! Oh Lord..I wish I had them!
  3. Burning hot! Rihanna looks so goddamn sexy in that outfit!
  4. Ashley Tisdale... I would (almost) kill for that outfit!!
  5. Rihanna again.. still burning..
  6. And here we have the beautiful model Kim Kardashian!
  7. Rihanna in a sweet 'Rocker Billy' outfit..
  • Source: Most of these photos is from this site.

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