Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Late..

Yesterday I asked Benny (Pernille) if she wanted to go to the cinema with me.. She said 'yes'..So we went to the cinema in Aarhus and saw "Crazy Inlove"(Vanvittig Forelsket).The film was kinda sad and a little rough, but still i thought it was good.. -Today I've been working a little on my bellydance, I really wan't to go and get leasons but it's hard to find a teacher in the 'Aarhus area'.. My uncle and ant just came on a short visit today also, (they just came home from Egypt yesterday night) and my ant had bought me and my mom a bellydance skirt.. mine is pink and silver..(Pics comming up tomorrow).. Oh well.. It's late, so i think i'll go to bed(:
  • Goddie night night!

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