Monday, August 31, 2009

Awesome Weekend!

  • A fantastic danish band (Oh Stacy) which played in Aarhus'Party Week'.. I can't believe that I haven't heard them play before they were soo good! Me and my cousin talked with the leadsinger..He was so sweet and he sang amazing!
  • Me at the left and my cousin at the right (:
  • I'm wearing: A black blazer(ART), white top(Zara),Black shorts with white dots (Divided),Silver 'Chanel' bag, A pair of leggins and some black stilettos. And a beer in my hand ;D Jummy!
This weekend has been even better than I expected it to be! Sophie was really happy with her presents, I gave her a pair of silver earings shaped like a star with some kind of 'Bling' on them from Pilgrim and some bracelets that I made on my own. She loved it all so that was just great! (: And the bellydance! It was so much fun and i'm totally starting on the team with my lovely cousin.. After the bellydance try-out lesson I went home and took a bath and got some cloth on.. afterwards I met up with my cousin in Aarhus 'Party-week' and we just had some fun!

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