Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clothes Make Me Happy!

  • Purple and yellow bracelet..I Love those colours together!(Divided)
  • Black and white striped blouse with 'Peace' signs (Gina Tricot)
  • Black shorts (Divided)
  • Black blouse (Gina Tricot)
  • White and black striped short blouse(Gina Tricot)
  • Cute stiletto heel(
  • One day left of this 'homework possessed' week and a lovely weekend ahead! I'm looking so much forward to a fantastic weekend with 14 of my awesome classmates in a hut near the beach, it's just almost doesn't get any better than that! And there's another thing I just found out of a couple of days ago.. There's gonna open a 'Gina Tricot' shop in Aarhus! Ihhh I'm so excited !!


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