Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rag and Bone

All outfits are designed by Rag and Bone
  1. First of all, this is without a doubt the outfit I like the most of these 5. I would wear it on a "Girls night out" or to a concert.. I love that the model has curvs, or at least it looks like it. 
  2. I love black dresses, and I love to wear them with all kinds of accessories. The shape of this dress is amazing.
  3. I loove the green pants and the way all the items looks great together. I would wear it for a speciel occasion like a birthday party etc.
  4. The perfect outfit for a summerday in the city.. The yellow jacket is amazing!
  5. I would wear this outfit every day(if I could).. It looks sooo comfy!(and gorgeous)

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