Friday, June 4, 2010

Kiss me Goodnight..But only for the Night.

 Yes yes yes! I'm soo happy! My life is wonderful! I got an A/12 in my english exam!! I couldn't be happier! And check out the weather outside? S U N S H I N E!! (L)
-Btw.. I got the beautiful rose from my parents + a giftcard (-;
 I bought this shirt in Monki todaay!
And this one in Bestseller.. + I bought a gift for my daddy('daddy's day' tomorrow<3) + a new piercing for my upper ear + some neon-orange lingeri..NIIICE DAY! How was your day today? (-;


  1. You sound so cheerful, that's wonderful :)
    Lovely shirts, xxx

  2. Yeah I really am!
    -Thank you so much (-: