Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red Hot chili Lips..Hmm

 Hello you two.. I really feel like eating you right now.. Yummy!
 Looove the nails!
 My mouth is watering! G i v e M e O r e o s!
 This is so sexy.. Cute and innocent, but still dirty..
 NEED THE BLAZER! Love the color..
 Me, this Saturday..Sorry for the white box(but my mom was sitting right there and blocking everything haha) and the bad quality (-: 
Via: anitaoxoxo, dirtylittlestylewhore, dollygumdrop, karlascloset + photos taken by me.
I went to Aarhus today with my cousin and I found these GOOORGEOUS babies.. they were on sale and I didn't have the money :-(((( But I hope they'll still be there when I get my salary..

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  1. fine billeder! og fin blog. Kig forbi vores hvis du har lyst :)