Monday, May 3, 2010

I need A dollar..

Pilgrim and Vintage
 Here we have two of my most beloved bracelets (-:

The blue organza i'm using for my costume last schoolday! (-;

 A few days ago I ordered these three items at H&M's website.. All items fit me perfect! Chi-chiing!(-;
I bought this fabric last Saturday..I'm planning on using it for a maxiskirt (-:
The eksams are now officially on! I started out with danish-reading today and it wasn't that bad (-:..But tomorrow it's math.. God help me!


  1. Uhh hvor ser stoffet lækkert ud :) Virkelig smuk farve <3
    Kys herfra

  2. Årh, tak smukke (-:
    Jeg synes også det var så fint!