Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just do the Right Thing.You Get no Second chance.

I'm considering getting a hairdresser to dye my hair platin/iceblond( The same haircolour as the model on the 4 photos below ).. But i'm not sure yet because I've been waiting for quite some time for my natural haircolour to grow out.. so i'm in a little dilemma with myself at the moment,, hmm.. What do you guys think I should do? (: // Btw, I stayed home from school today, and went to the doctor with my dad. I luckily don't have anything serious, only a long-time flu.. But i'm still so sick of being sick! Arg. Later today, i'm going to go visit a Gymnasium, where I might be going after the summervacation. So I hope i'll get a little better! // Anja
  • (MariaFrancescaPepe) MFP S/S 2010
  • I chose 4 of my favourite photos.. Aren't the silver-green'ish necklace gorgeous!? I'm crazy about it!
  • My song of the day. Danish band, Veto - Cannibal