Monday, January 18, 2010

I Still Got The Blues..

  • J-J-Jak and Jil ! Uff lovely shoes!
  • IhHH! I am absolutely crazy about Alexander Wang! I love his designs.. I picked a few of my favourite items out( the 4 photos above). I can't wait until i'm going to Copenhagen, i've been saving lots of money, so I have some to use on Alexander Wang (;
  • Today has been a stressful day! I came up to late, didn't get much breakfast and I had to work as well.. Bahh! BUT one thing was good. In school, there were a Blues-band playing, and they both sang and played guitar so good! I loved it! So here's some Robert Johnson( Amazing artist)
  • Here's one of the men who played on my school today, great voice, I think (: Click here to hear

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