Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Asti asti asti .. Bless You (;

  • Look what I bought today! A mini Asti champagne! Isn't it adorable!! I love it.. To bad that i'm going to drink it new years eve.. hehe( btw, the sweater is new.. look feather down for more info..(; )
  • Left pic: H&M leggins( black and white pattern), Black blouse with a deep cut in the back(Modström)
  • Right pic: Black and white stribed dress( Divided), Black 'latex' belt(Vintage), wine-red velour leggins(Monki)-Look feather down for a closer look (:
  • I've bought these two items in Monki, today.. Lovely
  • Before I forget..HAPPY NEW YEAR! and btw..This is my post number 200! gosh..(;

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