Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Miss Summer..

  • My lovely little 'Creation' of; Candles, Shells(imported from Bulgaria and Gran canaria), A little silver Buddha and little blue bottles!
  • A little drawing I made in school this Friday. I named the chinese head, Pin Pan Lin, I don't really no why.. I just named it/her that (; - behind the drawing are my lovely sheets !(love the colours)
  • An original seventees handbag, which my mom gave me (:
  • Here's some of my favourite belts, sadly not all of them can hang on my 'Clothing-pole'.. ):
  • Me before i'm going shopping (;.. With straight hair! Like/Dislike?
  • Black wedge heels (Dope)
  • Darkblue nylonsocks
  • light-jeans-blue highwaisted skirt(Homemade)
  • brown belt(Mom's castoffs)
  • white shirt(Mom's castoffs)
  • Black Blazer(Mom's castoffs)
  • Balck clutch with 'golden corners'(Mom's castoffs)
  • Bracelets(Bulgaria and Gina Tricot)
  • Btw.. I Love My Mom!(L) (;

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