Saturday, October 3, 2009

Två Lyckliga Dårar!..

  • I wan't those to photos so bad! .. I especially like "The pink doubledecker"-Bus !
  • The chairs were very cosy to sit in!
  • *Mhh* Me and my mon went eating at 'Søstrene Grene'. I had a pasta-salat and it tasted delicious!
  • Highwaisted Dark-blue 'Sienna Jeans' (Gina Tricot)
  • Light-grey cardigan (Gina Tricot)
  • White T-Shirt with black stripes and 'peace'-signs (Gina Tricot) = GORGEOUS! (L)
  • When I get my wage i'm buying this 'NEYE'-Purse ! Love it!
  • Friday was great! 12 of my brothers friends came over to a 'start-partey' at our house. Afterwards we walked to HTX (Gymnasium). I had a cooled 'Somersby' in my hand as we were walking *Mhhh*.. The party was awesome and I was home about 02:00.. I think..(;
  • Saturday(Today) has been absolutely amazing, mainly because i've looking forward to this day in a while. Me and my Mom took the bus into Aarhus, to shop in the new 'Gina Tricot'-shop which just opened the 1.October (in Aarhus). I Bought af few things(^Photos^).. I Love it!

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