Monday, October 12, 2009

Noir..Rouge..Blanc ?

  • Pearls pearls pearls.. I really like pearls together with silver or gold jewellery.. Btw.. Tayler Momson is smoking on this photo!
  • Love it..
  • Mh..Mhh Mhhhh!.. I think i'm inlove with those lovely boots! Or.. I know I am!
  • The five upper photos are Tayler Momsen.. (:
  • And here we have Swarovski-crystal-studded pumps designed by Brian Atwood (He's kinda cute..Eh?) I would be the happiest girl on earth if I had them...
  • Monday is not always a bad thing.. For instance, today is a good one! I've Been at work, relaxed and enjoyed my 'holiday'.. Now i'm just surfing around on the net and listening to Lulu Rouge -She's an amazing singer.. If you like Electronic music you should definitely check some of her songs out on Youtube (:
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