Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mojito?.. Oh Yes! Please!

  • This is my 'Woman of the day' .. I actually have a reason why she is gettin' this titel.. And it's simply because she's stuck to my mind all day..I also have her as my background( on my laptop..) And I think she has a very unique look as well..(:
  • Yes! I am possessed with Tayler Momsen! AND those gorgeous pants she's wearing.. I gotta make some similar.. I really have too! I'm in love!
  • Yeah.. Well.. I need some love.. But who the H.. Doesn't!?
  • Sources: Le Smoking and
  • Yesterday I went to bellydance with my cousin.. It was a really nice day yesterday..Today has been okay, but not insanely good if you know what I mean.. I've been at work and stuff.. And know i'm just looking forward to lay in my bed and sleep until it's friday!*Ahh*

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