Sunday, September 13, 2009

I feel It Slippin' Away From Me...

  • I've had' this song 'on my mind all day..
  • -.:I Wish You Were Here With Me:.-
  • Yes ! Friday started out not so good(stomack ake), so I had to stay home from school..But later me and my mother went over to my grandmothers house to sew(my ant and cousin were also there).. I made a white sweater and it turned out pretty good I think. When we were done sewing my cousin drove back to my place with me and my mother and she sleeped over and we had the greatest time! (I Love Her!) Well now,Saturday was great as well and right now it's Sunday and there is a film in the TV that I really gotta watch ! Soo
  • Goodie Night ! And have a great evening(;

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