Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Can't Help Falling Inlove..

  • Bright slim jeans-leggins(Vila)..Which I ripped a little myself..Ups (;
  • Bright slim jeans-leggins(Vila)
  • White blouse (80's original)
  • Black waistcoat with fringes(Only)
  • Bright cowboy shorts(Marc Lauge)
  • White blouse (80's original)
  • Lightgrey fabric.
  • ^ v
  • My new bracelet(Divided)
Me, my mother and grandmother went out to buy some fabrics so that we can sew some cloth. Right now my mom and dad is out having some fun with their friends and my brother is at a 18th birthday.. And I'm just sitting here don't know how to spend the time besides watching tv and sitting on my chair, I did actually just saw 'Crossroads'.. God I love that film especially this scene mostly because of the cloth Britney is wearing; Raw and Sexy ! But also the song ;D
  • Yesterday I went to the movies and saw 'The Hangover' with Mark xD I don't think I've ever seen such a funny movie before! God it was hilarious !

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